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Incorporating marketing strategies in Spanish, could unlock new business opportunities by reaching a broader segment of the population. At the same time, this approach could turn into a new flow of customers and potentially new sales.
Spoken language
● Meetings, interviews, business conferences.
Written language
● Content marketing translation / Advertisement / Design
● Project proposals
● Letters / Newsletters / Reports
● Bilingual text editing
● Website content translation
● Cultural Translation in Spanish for your social media and website,
reflecting your brand and business voice.
● QR Code creations (business cards, social media, newsletters).
● Translation of training / informational material / instructions
My Commitment to You and Your Business
Two Languages, One Same Message.
● Understanding your business needs and requirements
● Creativity to support your language projects
● Full commitment in performing
● Professional and quality customer service
● Customized service. No intermediaries.
● Punctuality- Integrity- Reliability
● Professional Code of Ethics and Confidentiality