As business leaders in our community, we encourage a YES vote on the Cave Creek Unified School District override this November.

Supporting our schools is long overdue. It’s been 15 years since a CCUSD override passed. That’s right, 15 years!

So, what will the override do for our schools?

It will inject funding straight into the classroom by giving our teachers and staff a pay raise to keep them competitive with neighboring school districts.

In addition to raising teacher and staff salaries, the override will help fund more:

  • · K-12 Career, Technical and Vocational education
  • Advanced Placement, Honors, World Language, JROTC and International Baccalaureate programming
  • Special Education and safety support
  • And much more

It’s also important to note that if voters approve the override, NONE of the override funding will go to administrator salaries.

This override is focused solely on our students and teachers and providing them a better environment to learn and teach.

Having strong schools is part of the economic fabric that enhances our quality of life. When our quality of life improves, we all benefit.

Please vote YES on the CCUSD override to prepare our students for the evolving workforce.

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Carefree Cave Creek Chamber
Patty Villeneuve
President/ CEO