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Nazi Gold – The Stunning Expose’ of the Sixty-Year Swiss/Nazi Conspiracy to Steal Millions from Europe’s Jews

During WWII the Nazis stole $billions in gold, personal bank accounts, property and art from Holocaust Victims. The Swiss Government, and Swiss Banks helped the Nazis fund the War, and carried-on a 50-year conspiracy to hide stolen property, and bank accounts of Europe’s Holocaust victims and their families. How did the Nazis launder the gold they took from the Jews? This is a shocking story of the role played by Swiss Banks in exploiting the persecution of European Jews to their financial advantage during and after WWII. That conspiracy resurfaced when Edgar Bronfman, and the World Jewish Congress filed a class-action lawsuit against Swiss Banks and the Vatican Bank in Rome. What happened next? Mary F. Cook will tell the story. She’s a Member of the International Foundation for Art Research and lectures on art theft and fraud including the Nazi art thefts.

Tickets  call 480-488-2286.

Cost: $6.00 all proceeds benefit the Library


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