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Gong Sound Experience & Energy Healing with George Monoson and Denise Knutson.
Saturday, June 26, 2pm to 3:30pm & 4:30pm to 6pm
Sunday, June 27, 2pm to 3:30pm and 4:30pm to 6pm
Event Fee: $20 (There is no form of any exercise in this event)
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Come join us for an amazing experience of Sound and Energy Healing!
If you have ever wondered about energy healing and how our body has the ability to heal itself or if you are dealing with anything physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually and you want to find a way to go within yourself and heal. Then, I invite you to come and experience one of our Gong Sound Experience and Energy Healing Events. Where you have the ability to lay down, relax, and go into a deep mediative state and allow your body to release and let go of emotional blocks and energy blocks bringing you back to a state of oneness with yourself. So that you can feel whole and complete. This sound meditation is truly an amazing experience for the body, mind, and soul.

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