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AnthroBites: A series on Anthropology – Starts Jan. 12 and goes to March 2. There will be 8 sessions on Tuesdays from 10:00 – 11:30 am.  You can purchase the whole series at a savings ($144) or attend individual sessions ($20 each).

Here’s your chance to see a series of 8 lively lectures on cultural variations around the world. This is an awareness series, serving up “small plate” portions of information on topics as diverse as:  Culture, Ritual, Kinship, Shamans and Healers, The Arts, Sex & Gender, Race & Ethnicity and Cultural Appropriation. Taught by Cultural Anthropologist, artist-Jan Downey, the focus is on cultural lifeways of humans with whom we share the world. And, along the way, you will be finding out more about yourself.

Register at: www.hollandcenter.org, and click on Lifelong Learning.

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