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This is a fun, 2-day addition and subtraction fact acquisition workshop!  10:00 – 1:00, June 14 & 15, 2022. Strategies will be given for learning and retaining the 121 basic addition facts and their corresponding subtraction facts. The facts are presented in logical groupings that build upon each other. Students practice each group of facts using 1) a series of quick, super-simple, dry-erase activity sheets and 2) fun, timed games, in which each student competes against him/herself to improve their own times. The goal is to build agility in addition and subtraction facts. This agility will ultimately transfer to multiple-digit addition with carrying (regrouping) and subtraction with borrowing (regrouping). There swill be lots of practice and self-assessment throughout, so the students will be encouraged and energized by their increased fluidity in the addition and subtraction facts.
Please bring a snack each day, to be eaten at the half-way point of the workshop. If you have siblings that would like to take this 2-day workshop, please email Betsy Anderson at: [email protected], and we will work out a $70 payment discount arrangement for each student.

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