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TIERRA MADRE HORSE & HUMAN SANCTUARY – a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization – is the ‘forever home’ to over two dozen previously abandoned, neglected, injured or abused horses. There are ex-racehorses, ex-show horses, ex-ranch horses, ex-rodeo horses & just some plain ol’ horses. Although they come from all walks of life, the thing they all share, now, is that they’re all happy & as healthy as they can be.

Tierra Madre gives them the chance to be horses again, to live & play among their friends – to feel a friendly nuzzle from their best buddy or a enjoy a loving neck-scratching from their two-legged friends, too.

All of our horses’ costs – from feed to veterinarians to farriers to the upkeep of their homes on the ranch – are paid for entirely by the generous donations from people from all walks of life & from all over the world, including many who volunteer their time & considerable efforts to make hour horses’ lives the best they can possibly be.