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Rancho Milagro picRancho Milagro (translation: Ranch of Miracles) is a 501.C.3 accredited non-profit, faith-based ministry formulated to bring the miracle of Equine Coaching to trauma survivors. We have extensive experience in bringing survivors of sexual or domestic abuse, depression, anxiety and veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to the “arena of life.” We also offer a place of rest and solitude for the wonderful and gifted Leaders who work with these survivors on a daily basis.

Rancho Milagro offers an organic equine program. We provide many opportunities for individuals to achieve freedom from the daily triggers brought on by trauma that often weighs heavily on a person’s soul. We believe in focusing on the WHOLE body. Specifically, we offer Equine Coaching in various forms: lessons in horsemanship, nonverbal communication, caring for these sensitive and loving creatures, along with many other equine-based activities that bring a sense of wholeness to the senses and soul. We also offer a place of rest, gardening, and nutrition counseling. We believe these activities help guide our clients not only to a better understanding of their triggers, but to a better understanding of themselves. We welcome clients to sit in the barn, journal, or get their hands dirty. The goal is to bring peace of mind and healing for the soul.

Every person has a story, but not every story has found it’s happily ever after. At Rancho Milagro, we understand feelings of pain, sorrow, anger, remorse, stress, and devastation. Unfortunately, today’s world is a harsh reality. We strive to soften this reality by supporting each unique individual with open arms and a loving embrace. Everyone deserves a refuge from the feelings that are too overwhelming to bear alone.