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Purse-Impressions help women & men re-enter the community after rehab by leaving with dignity and the knowledge that someone cares

Our Story:  Suddenly and tragically in June 2019 founder Patricia Brusha’s 28-year-old daughter died from Cirrhosis of the liver due to years of alcohol abuse

Purse-Impressions transforms the tragedy and heartbreak of losing a child from addiction into inspiration and compassion for others who are overcoming addiction in their own lives.

Patricia and her team of “Courtney’s Angels” volunteer their time to gifting ‘fresh start’ bags to graduates leaving rehabilitation centers. This was an idea Courtney had when she thought she had beat her addiction.

In 5 months, Purse-Impressions donated 800 purses and backpacks to 7 addiction centers in AZ, CO, FL and Canada. Purses & backpacks are stuffed with “essentials” and an inspirational note from Courtney.

Purse-Impressions accepts new or gently used bags, essential items or cash as donations

Patricia & Courtney   patricia and purses  Purse Stuffing Party