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Heavens Light Wellness by Sallyann provides intuitive life coaching/angel readings, healing/Reiki work, and energy clearing. Sallyann is a clairvoyant who first realized her gift during college. Over 30 years later, she is working with guardian angels to help those on earth understand their life purpose, feel more at ease in their situations, and understand their past, present, and potential future. Also, she can communicate with those that have past and understand how they impact your life today. All of this happens with an intentional conversation where the images, sounds, smells, and messages are communicated to you by your guardian angels, through Sallyann either in person or on the phone.


Also, Sallyann is highly sensitive to energy. She can sense the energy in a room, person, horses and domestic animals or place and clear your workplace for better focus and your home for calmer living or to sell it to the right person. She has cleared approximately 100 $1M + homes that have sold quickly both in the United States and Internationally. Sallyann has also been working with Reiki, energy healing since 2000 and is known for her long-distance healing work thousands of miles away to help chronic pain, broken hearts, anxiety, stress, and sleep issues.


We offer private appointments, group sessions, Full Moon Celebrations, Masterclasses and workshops in Phoenix and North Scottsdale. Sallyann is also available for team building and guest speaking.


Sallyann can fit it!