This month, Friends of the Tonto will be starting up the 2020 Phase of our continuing program to build habitat for monarch butterflies.  This year we will be asking volunteers to grow out some local milkweed seeds we will provide to them.  Young plants will be put in the ground at 2 sites on the Cave Creek and Mesa Ranger Districts (by volunteers), and plants will need to be watered by volunteers for several months post-planting.  We are now putting together a committee to coordinate these efforts and help with planning.  No experience necessary, just a desire to have this project succeed!
We’ve heard from some of you that you have an interest in helping the monarch butterfly — this is your chance to really do something good!
This project, like this year’s riparian photopoint project , gives people a break from the “housebound blues”.   And of course, we will adopt all recommended social-distancing and safety protocols to provide for safety for all our volunteers and planners.
Please send a note with how we can best contact you, with the subject line “Milkweed” to