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When Hitler and Goring Lived at the Ritz

A Sensational Story of the Ruthlessness & Venality of the European Art World During WWII by the Systematic Pillaging of Jewish-Owned Artworks. Between 1939 and 1944, the Nazi Occupation of France enabled Hitler and Goring to confiscate priceless art from Jewish families, collectors, and gallery owners; sending it to Germany marked “Property of the Third Reich” – Three important Paris art dealers collaborated with Hitler by identifying and stealing the art and by working with his Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, to sell what Hitler called “Degenerate Art”. These art dealers enriched themselves in the process, and countries like Switzerland, Great Britain, France, Germany, Holland, and Russia were also enriched in an amoral and opportunistic feeding frenzy.

Mary F. Cook, an International Lecturer and a member of the International Foundation for Art Research (IFAR) will tell the story.

Register: 480-488-2286

Cost: $5.00 All proceeds benefit the library

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