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Art through the eyes of a child is so refreshing. The goal of this summer camp is to expose the students to different art mediums, allowing them to explore their own creativity.
During this four-day, 2-hour summer camp your children will experience four different mediums: acrylic painting, mixed media paper collage, sculpture using air clay and watercolor painting.
They’ll learn about color mixing using water based acrylic paint to create an imaginary landscape. With the paper collage they will create their own mixed media collage. Working with the air clay they will develop three-dimensional animal sculptures and on the last day they will learn how to create textures in a watercolor painting.
Each day we will review the day before and they will receive an instructed lesson with hand out materials to take home. At the end of each day, they will gather as a group and share their stories behind the making of their art. The students will finish the summer camp with four completed projects they will be proud of.
Students are encouraged but not required to bring their sketchbook and pictures of work they have done in the past. They should also bring ideas and pictures of subjects they are interested in.
All materials will be provided.

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