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This is an outstanding museum tour where you can leave all the walking — more than 4 miles — to us! The Phoenix Airport Museum has become one of the largest public art programs in the country. The museum includes an art collection of 900 works, more than 40 exhibit spaces in six buildings, and is sponsored by the City of Phoenix Aviation Department – with a mission to showcase Arizona’s unique artistic and cultural heritage.

You will be doing this tour with friends, making it that much more special and unique – without worrying about getting to your gate or missing your flight! And our tour leader, Tamsin, has a few surprise follow up activities! Tamsin is a professionally trained career museum educator and local artist.

This Zoom class will also provide insights into what defines a museum: the collection, conservation, resarch, and exhibition of historical, scientific, artistic or cultural objects for education, study, and enjoyment.

When you register, you will receive a Zoom URL along with some written materials.

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