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The Portrait of Wally: Skullduggary at its Worst!

The story of The Portrait of Wally is about Nazi stolen art, but it is also about institutional hypocrisy. Wally is Egon Schiele’s tender painting of his young mistress; Wally Neuzil. The painting was owned by Lea Bondi, a Jewish art dealer in Vienna in 1939. The Nazis went to her home in the dead of night and ripped the paintings from her walls. Lea fled to London but after the war returned to Vienna and spent her whole life, unsuccessfully, looking for her painting. In 1997 The Museum of Modern Art in New York City had an exhibition of Schiele’s work on loan from the Leopold Museum in Vienna and there was The Portrait of Wally. What happened next was pure serendipity. Then New York District Attorney, Robert Morgenthau, put a hold on the painting that lasted thirteen years. What happened to the painting? Mary F. Cook will tell this amazing story. Mary is an international lecturer and a member of the International Foundation for Art Research, which through its Art Loss Register, maintains the largest database of stolen art in the world.

Register: 480-488-2286

Cost: $7.00 All proceeds benefit the library


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