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Activate inner self-connection & healing through the moving meditation of Qigong Tai Chi with IIQTC instructor and senior trainer Bina Bou.

Why Should You Be Doing Tai Chi & Qigong During Quarantine?

“Social Distancing” is Self-Care and Health Care

Why is slow motion like Tai Chi  and Qigong so healing for the human physical body and emotion?

Tai Chi’s deliberate, slow movement activates inner-self connection that helps us to disengage from DOING to BEING,  and it transforms our entire being into a form of Moving Meditation.

What is Qigong (Cheegung) ?

Qi (chee) means breath of life or vital energy that flows through everything in the universe. Gong (gung) means working with or cultivating.

Qigong is a 5,000-year-old mind-body practice that develops vital energy by integrating movement, breathing techniques, and mental focus. Qigong is a series of Tai Chi movements that are gentle, flowing, meditative and self-healing. It can be done sitting or standing for people of every age and physical condition.

Tai Chi is a Chinese Martial art of stylized meditative exercise, slow circular and stretching movements.

What can Qigong Tai Chi do for you?

  • Decrease stress, promotes relaxation and inner peace
  • Reduce anxiety, and depression, regulates blood pressure
  • Reduce chronic pain (effective for Arthritis)
  • Inspire creativity, boosts the immune system and promotes healing
  • Improve mental focus, concentration and memory
  • Improve sports performance, heighten awareness.
  • Lead to a desire to help others ~ the personal cultivation of Qi naturally spills over into compassionate service.

The practices include:

  1. Posture adjustment and gentle body movement
  2. Powerful but simple breathing practices
  3. Stress-neutralizing meditation and visualization
  4. Easy and safe self-applied massage

The Healer Within:  The Most Profound Medicine is Within You

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