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The way to really grow your business, without increasing the amount of time you work, is to stay in your zone of genius, doing the work that you excel at, and delegating the rest. After all, when you try to do EVERYTHING, something or someone suffers.

In this interactive workshop, Laura Licursi of Elite Virtual Assistants and Lisa Crilley Mallis of Impactive Strategies will help you with the best practices for managing your time and a very simple process for identifying which items to delegate first.

You’ll learn about:

  • Uncovering the key components of your ideal workday
  • Discovering exactly where you are spending (or wasting) your time
  • The #1 delegating mistake you don’t even know you’re making

NOTE:  To receive the highest return from this workshop, track your tasks for a week, bring a pack of small post-it notes, download the Delegate Like a Pro Action Guide when you log into the webinar, and be ready to dig in!

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