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PVCC Leadership seriesGreg Moore is coming to PVCC to discuss the state of the world,
share his fears and frustrations, and answer your questions.
Greg Moore, the opinion journalist, is not the guy who used to run the Denver Post. (Though it would be cool if he were.) Greg Moore, the opinion journalist, also is not the 1990s-era Formula 1 driver. (How awesome would that have been?)
Greg Moore, the opinion journalist, is the guy who called Colin Kaepernick his hero for wearing a Kunta Kinte shirt. He’s the guy who has refused to watch “When They See Us,” because as a black man he already knows how it ends. And he’s the guy who always seems to be standing up for the underdog, because that’s the perspective from which he sees the world.
Moore writes about race, sports, politics and culture with the aim of connecting people who don’t know how much they have in common and of giving readers a sense of what it feels like to be Black. (Sometimes, it’s infuriating.)
Greg Moore, the opinion journalist, has had a varied career, spanning everything from presidential campaigns and high-profile court cases to playoff baseball and heavyweight championship fights.
He’s coming to answer your questions and share his frustrations. Brace yourself. Greg Moore, the opinion journalist, is not the guy who holds back.
Get familiar with his work in the Arizona Republic and online at AZCentral.com. Additional links to his work may be found below. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @WritingMoore.
Tuesday, October 6, 2020
11:30 am – 1:00 pm
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