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Make the perfect pair of earrings for everyday wear!

These stylish earrings are simply made using jump rings (or O rings) in various sizes.  They’re sure to be your new go-to earrings!  While the design is simple, you’ll learn a lot about how to open and close large sized jump rings well.   This is a great class for beginners – so if you’ve been thinking about making your own jewelry, now is a perfect time to get started.

This class will also cover what you should look for when shopping for jump rings online, so you’ll be equipped to explore the use of your new skills.   Sterling silver kits are $25.

All it takes to make these earrings is 2 pairs of pliers, a bead mat, and some magnification (like cheater glasses) to be sure you can see the join of the rings clearly.  So you’ll be able to enjoy making more jump ring earrings on your own at home after class.

Class cost: $38

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