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Insight into Poverty: Why Poverty Matters to our Community
If you or your organization works with people from poverty, a deeper understanding of their challenges and strengths will help you partner with them to create opportunities for success. The Insight into Poverty workshop provides powerful tools and new insights to help you understand the experience of being chronically under-resourced so that you can build greater effectiveness in your work.
Ideas and tools for this workshop are drawn from the Bridges Out of Poverty frame work; new research on scarcity; behavioral
science; and other resources. Participants will examine economic class and its’ impacton lives and institutions. Workshop leader Bonnie Bazata is the Ending Poverty Now program manager for Pima County. She has provided training around the country and helped design both
the national evaluation instrument and a qualitative study on getting ahead.
For registration or scholarship details and options, contact Robin at the Foothills Food Bank at (480)488-1145 or [email protected] or Gina Durbin at [email protected]

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