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Learn how to approach partnering through Joint Ventures in this Free Online Workshop. For those businesses that have weathered the initial impact of the COVID-19 storm, many find themselves in a difficult position.
Some companies have identified new opportunities and want to quickly capitalize on them but are unable to secure the debt or equity capital they need to do so. Others have the cash but are seeing their historic business model put at risk by the rapidly evolving marketplace.
Enter the joint venture!
This approach to partnering can provide both types of companies with the knowledge, resources, and market access they need to take their businesses to the next level.
Topics for this seminar include:

  • Reasons to form a joint venture
  • Joint ventures versus strategic alliances
  • Identifying the joint venture’s purpose
  • Selecting the form of entity
  • Implications for existing operations
  • Capitalizing the joint venture
  • Management issues
  • Economic and tax issues
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Dispute resolution

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