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Protect your business with well-drafted contracts!
Contracts are daily part of every business owner’s life.  When economic times are good, many owners ignore contractual formalities and some even abandone written agreements altogether. During the days of abundant (and seemingly unending) profits, “handshake deals” often became the norm. 
In the current market, proliferating disputes and costly litigation have laid bare the perils of doing business without a well-drafted contract.  
How can you best protect your interests through contract negotiation and preparation?
In this workshop, you will not only be able to answer this questions but also to:

  • Understand the challenges of doing business in today’s market
  • Learn contract negotiation best practices
  • See how to capture agreed upon business terms in the contract
  • Understand how to ensure today’s deal remains tomorrow deal
  • Learn the key areas of exposure and ways to limit liability
  • Become familiar with ways to resolve disputes and help avoid them
  • Know why “miscellaneous” provisions matter

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