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Gerry Jones is the Desert Foothills’ distinguished architectural designer and builder who brought to life the vision of Carefree’s founders, KT Palmer and Tom Darlington.

In 1958, on a handshake, Gerry helped KT and Tom realize their vision of a planned community in the foothills north of the Valley.

A seasoned rock climber, Gerry Jones platted 2200 acres of Carefree on foot and laid out the roads and lots by leading the bulldozers through the geography as he wove around saguaros and native cacti, rocks, outcroppings and trees. Designing and constructing the first house in Carefree in 1959, the DeMille Home is one of six homes on The Gerry Jones Home Tour March 8th.

The Architectural Guidelines he wrote in 1960 are the foundation for the Maricopa County Zoning Ordinance which regulates hillside development, grading and drainage, to this day.

LECTURE at the new Carefree Town Council Chambers.

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