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You may have attended As Mama Told Us, about Dr. Ettie Zilber’s mother’s survival in the Kovno (Lithuania) Ghetto, concentration and labor camps, death march and liberation. This talk will focus on the moment of liberation through the difficult years that followed. This topic is far less known than the Holocaust years themselves, but is now receiving greater focus. Who, when, where did the liberation take place? Was that it? Was everyone now safe to go back to their life prior to the war? What were the new challenges? What did Europe look like in these five post-war years? How did Mama find any family survivors on a war-torn continent, and how did she learn about those who did not survive? Come and hear a different chapter of the Holocaust story.

RSVP online at dfla.org | Questions, please call 480-488-2286.
The speaker would like to remove her mask so her presentation will be more effective and her speech clearer. In order for her to do that, she would ask everyone in the audience to please wear a mask.
Cost: FREE

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