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Even Better with Age Workshop:Brain Training to Build Your Story
WHEN:            Saturday, March 9, 2019  10am – noon
WHERE:          FCF Holland Center
COST:              $55 (includes materials and book)
INSTRUCTOR:  Phyllis Strupp, brain training expert
There is a recently discovered part of the brain that is in charge of helping you be you!  This special brain asset, the “default network”, holds your personal memories, and helps you get even better with age through wisdom.  However, it is also the brain area where Alzheimer’s Disease strikes, so hands-on management is essential.  This session offers:

  • Overview of default network basics
  • Self-assessment exercise to identify default network blockages
  • Toolkit to take charge of meaning, memory, motivation
  • Personal Story Plan to help your life story and your default network get better with age

To Register: please contact Phyllis Strupp at [email protected]

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