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Eliminating Chronic Back Pain – A Fascia and Posture Based Approach by Sterling Structural Therapy

What if a big part of your pack pain is doue to a giant anatomical system called Fascia, which does not show up in imaging? what if imbalances in this system are keeping you “stuck”? Come join us and find out how you can achieve sustainable results regardless of your age.

Dana Sterling is the founder and owner who pioneered Sterling Structural Therapy, a revolutionary non-invasive method for the treatment of chronic pain and orthopedic conditions. Dana holds a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with an associate’s degree in pure and applied science along with numerous certifications in advanced therapeutic movement modalities. Driven to find solutions to the multitude of orthopedic and chronic pain conditions her clients presented with, Dana used a results-driven scientific approach in developing Sterling Structural Therapy (SST), a new paradigm in chronic pain treatment.

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