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Culinary & Wellness Series
3 Series Course, Saturdays February 15 – March 7, 10:00-12:00 pm

Session 1 – Interactive Healthy Cooking Class

Eating healthier is all about the choices you make that work for you, your tastes, your weight, and health goals. It means something different to everyone. In her newly released “Make it Healthy” Cookbook, author Wendy Farrell helps you figure out what your own healthy eating style is and then provides a variety of recipe options that will work for YOU. This fun, interactive cooking class offers attendees the chance to participate, learn about nutrition, cooking skills and terms as Wendy cooks some of the healthy recipes from her cookbook in the Library’s beautiful new demo kitchen. There will be food for all to enjoy. Join us to see how tasty eating healthy can be.

Session 2 – Stress and Emotion Management, Decompression and Relaxation Strategies

Life is filled with triggers, stress, challenges and urgencies. It is important, for everyone of all ages, to know how to manage their emotions and reactions. In this workshop, Wendy Farrell, health and wellness specialist and author of “Make it Healthy”, will offer information and strategies to help you handle your triggers, stressors and emotions effectively and in healthy, productive ways.

Session 3 – Easy Fitness Strategies and Injury Prevention

Keeping your body healthy and injury free involves many components. Becoming mindful of how you move can help prevent injuries, large and small. Wendy Farrell, health and wellness specialist, and author of “Make it Healthy”, will discuss a variety of options to keep fit, the concepts of ergonomics and the art of applying mindfulness to your actions and movements.

Tickets available at dfla.org | Questions please call 480-488-2286.

Cost: $20 per session or $50 for all 3 sessions.

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