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Chocolates of the World: A Master Tasting Class
Saturday, December 14, 1:00-3:00 pm

Spend an afternoon with Chef Wolff! Even culinary novices will leave understanding where chocolate comes from and where it is going. From bean to bar, you’ll learn how chocolate is made – from the original growth of the cacao bean in country of origin to its harvest, processing, and preparation. Tastings will teach you how to experience chocolate of different flavors and nuances.

Chef Wolff has worked in chocolate manufacturing, pastry development, and retail product development in France, Switzerland, and the Americas. As a classically trained chef he has worked internationally in various segments of the industry including hotels, fine and casual dining, manufacturing, consumer food products, and R&D to change the quality and look of American food.
RSVP call 480-488-2286. Seating is limited so register now!

Cost: $15 – all proceeds benefit the Library.

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