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Join AZ Ghost Adventures at the Cave Creek Museum on February 4th for a night of paranormal investigation where YOU are the investigator!
Your experience begins when AZ Ghost Adventures Paranormal Investigators, Rita Olsen and Amanda Olsen will display a variety of investigative equipment and explain how they work. Some are as timeless as energy dowsing rods and others the latest in cutting edge paranormal technology. You’ll have the opportunity use the same equipment that professional Paranormal Investigators use, to explore the shadowy halls of the Cave Creek Museum and hopefully interact with spirits whose energy cling to the artifacts displayed in our collections.
For a more personal experience, this event is limited to twenty-six attendees, which will be separated into two groups of thirteen souls. Both groups will have the opportunity to investigate the Museum Exhibits, our famous outdoor exhibits; the Golden Reef Stamp Mill, the Historic Church, and of course, the Tubercular Cabin (which was the site of a great deal of activity at our last AZ Ghost Adventures event).

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