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Garden SeriesLandscape Design for Reduced Maintenance

Speaker: Noelle Johnson
“AZ Plant Lady” and blog author of Ramblings from the Desert Garden

Learn how to avoid and fix over-pruned and underwhelming landscapes to create a beautiful outdoor space with less maintenance.

Remarkable Trees: Global Journey

Speaker: Linda Larson
Master Gardener, World Traveler, Faculty Emeritus of Mesa Community College, Traveling Gardener blog and advocate for green space

“Trees are often an overlooked, silent backdrop…without trees, there is no us!” Hear an inspiring and life-affirming story of the importance of nature in our lives.

Flora and Fauna of Namibia: My Journey

Speaker: Scott McMahon
Manager of Cactus Collection at Desert Botanical Garden 2006-2020, Twice past president of Central AZ Cactus and Succulent Society

Travel the Namib Desert, home to some of the most iconic succulents, oldest exposed rock formations and many familiar animals adapted to desert life. No passport required!


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