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Explore cutting-edge musical technology of the late 1700s!

Beethoven would have been trained and composed not on the modern piano we hear filling concert halls today, but on its predecessor, the Fortepiano. Innovative for its ability to express a wider range of volumes (forte to piano), the Fortepiano enabled the young Beethoven to write his dynamic first two piano concertos, his early piano sonatas, and sketch his first two symphonies. Join the incredible Eckart Sellheim as he brings his Fortepiano into the Community Room to compare it to the modern grand piano, discuss how the instrument changed how composers thought of keyboard instrument, and listen to excerpts from Beethoven’s pieces as he would have heard them 250 years ago!

RSVP HERE, and check out the two versions of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata below to prep your ears!

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