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Arizona’s Role in Apollo Astronaut Training – a joint venture with Desert Foothills Land Trust
A Joint Venture with Desert Foothills Land Trust
This presentation will discuss the exciting history and pivotal role that the State of Arizona played in one of mankind’s greatest achievements: Landing Astronauts on the Moon! Unfortunately, very few people know of the amazing story of how Arizona helped put Americans on the surface of the Moon. NASA formed the Apollo Program in the 1960’s with the goal of beating the Soviet Union to the Moon in what was often called the Space Race. Dr. Rice will provide some background on the Space Race and explain how America came from very far behind to accomplish what many thought was impossible. With the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Program now upon us it is important to remember and treasure this great chapter in American History.
Register: Desert Foothills Land Trust website; www.dflt.org/apollo-astronaut-training
Cost: FREE

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