Top Advocacy Priorities as it relates to our Legislative Agenda

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Bill No                                   Title of Bill                                                                                                           Support/Oppose

East Valley Chamber of Commerce Alliance Legislative Session Priority Bill Update

Top Advocacy Priorities as it relates to our Legislative Agenda

Bill No                                   Title of Bill                                                                                                           Support/Oppose

HB 2043                                Employer Rights; Covid 19 Vaccine Requirement                                Oppose

If an employer denies a religious exemption and requires a person to receive a Covid-19 vaccination to remain employed and that employee receives significant injury that is caused by receiving the Covid-19 vaccination the employer can be held liable.  The employee who prevails shall be awarded actual damages, court costs and reasonable attorney fees or statutory damages of $500,000, whichever is greater.

***We opposed this bill because we don’t support government overreach to how people operate their businesses.  However, it did pass committee 6-4; Passed rules; retained in COW 2/17

HB2107/SB1048                 Emergency Powers; Business Closure; Repeal                                      Support

This bill prohibits mayors or county supervisors to close businesses.  They do have the power to impose curfews.

***passed committee 8-7, passed committee 4-3; Passed Rules; passed House 31-28; passed committee 4-5; passed senate 16-12; signed by the Governor

HCR2014/SCR1025           Initiative; Referendum; Signatures; Legislative Districts                   Support

This bill is asking for a certain percent of voter signatures be collected from every legislative district before an initiative  can appear on a ballot

***passed committee 7-6, passed committee 5-2; Passed Rules

HCR 2031                             Employee Benefits; Compensation; State Pre-emption                    Support

This bill is exempting towns and cities to implement a higher minimum wage than the state

***passed committee 6-4; passed House 31-23; passed committee 5-3

SB1001                                  (Strike Everything Bill) Theft By Extortion                                               Support

***passed Senate 26-2; passed committee 6-4, passed house 31/27; passed senate 18-11; signed by the Governor.

SB1092                                  Product Liability; Civil Action; Limitation                                                 Support

This bill protects a seller against civil action for product liability when the seller can prove no knowledge of defect from the manufacturer.

***passed committee 5-2; passed senate 17-12; reassigned to approps committee-bill is dead

SB1094                                  Petition Signatures; Description; Invalidity                                            Support

This bill would require signature gatherers asking for your signature for a proposed initiative to read the bill to you before you sign the initiative.  If the bill isn’t read to you at the time of signature it would invalidate the entire page of signatures.

*** passed committee 4-3; Passed Senate 16-12; passed committee 7-6

HCR2015                              Initiatives; Supermajority vote; Requirement                                      Support

This bill wants to change the threshold from 50%+1 to 2/3 yes votes to pass an initiative

***passed committee7-6;  passed Rules; passed House 31-28

HB2184                                 Appropriation; State Route 24; Connector                                            Support

***passed committee 12-0; passed House 57-2; passed committee 9-1

HB2598/SB1356                 Transportation Tax; Election; Maricopa County                                   Support

This bill defines the duties of the transportation board and the expectation of a long term transportation plan for our state.

***passed committee 8-3, passed committee 9-0; passed committee 8-0; passed committee 7-3

SB1239                                  Appropriation; Widening: I-10                                                                    Support

***passed committee 10-0, passed senate 27-1; passed committee 12-0, signed by the Governor

HB2691                                 Arizona Health Care Workforce Development                                     Support

***passed committee 10-2; passed House 44-15

HB2122                                 Continuing High School; Workforce Training                                         Support

*** passed committee 8-2; passed House 39-20; passed committee 9-0

HB2123                                 Adult Workforce Education                                                                          Support

***passed committee 7-2; passed House 44-15; passed committee 7-0

HB2111                                 STEM; learning; workforce; appropriation                                             Support

***Passed committee 10-0

HB2674                                 Municipal Zoning; by Right Housing                                                          Oppose

This bill is trying to remove planning and zoning from cities and towns

***The bill is dead.  Subject matter moving to a study committee

HB2714                                 Office of Tourism; Continuation                                                                 Support

This bill supports the continuation of financial aid to the Office of Tourism

***passed committee 8-0; passed House 47-12; passed committee 9-0; passed Senate 26-1; Signed by the Governor

HB2120                                 Injury Reports: Medical Treatment                                                           Support

***Passed commitee9-0; passed House 59-0; passed committee 10-0

HB 2822                                Personal property; additional appreciations                                         Support

***passed committee 8-2; passed House 35-24; passed committee 6-3; passed Senate 18-10; Signed by the Governor

SB1093                                  Property Tax; Class One; Equalization Assistance                                Support

This bill (Truth in taxation levy for equalization assistance to school districts) each year computes and transmits the truth in taxation rate for equalization assistance for school districts for the following fiscal year.  The truth in taxation rates consist of the qualifying tax rate for a high school district or a common school district within a high school district that does not offer instruction in high school subjects, a qualifying tax rate for a unified district, a common school district not within a high school district or a common school district within a high school district that offers instruction in high school subjects and a state equalization assistance  property tax rate pursuant to section 15-994 that will offset the change in net assessed valuation of property that was subject to tax in the prior year.

***passed committee 7-3, passed Senate 18-11; passed committee 6-4; passed House 31-28. Signed by the Governor

SB1264                                  Internal Revenue Code; Conformity                                                         Support

***passed committee 9-0, passed Senate 27-1; passed committee 8-0; passed house 58-0; signed by Governor

SB1269                                  Conformity; Internal Revenue Code                                                         Support

***passed committee 9-0; passed Senate 29-0

SB1643                                  Research; Development; Tax Credits                                                       Support

***passed committee 7-2; reconsidered 3/14

HB2101/SB1631                 Electric Energy; Reliability; Public Policy                                                 Support

***passed committee 10-2 & 5-4; passed House 37-21; passed senate 17-11; signed by the Govenor

HB2053                                 Department of Environmental Quality; Continuation                        Support

***passed committee 12-0, passed house 54-4; passed NREW 8-0; passed Senate; Signed by the Governor

HB2409                                 Multi-County Water Districts; Storage Tax                                             Support

***passed committee 11-1; passed House 46-13; passed NREW 8-0, passed senate 21-6.  Signed by the Governor

SB1368                                  Continuation; Arizona Board of Regents                                                 Support

***passed committee 8-0; Passed rules; passed Senate 19-9; passed committee 73

****Disclaimer****For full bill description please follow this link