Evcca logoThe EVCCA, founded in 1999, is comprised of more than 6,000 businesses and nine local chambers.  Their purpose is to provide coordination in the advancement of common business interests.

Each year, EVCCA produces a report on the legislative session, which lists bills that have the most significance to East Valley businesses. It reports how each East Valley legislator voted on legislation relevant to the EVCCA.


The Alliance believes the following areas are paramount to Arizona’s economic recovery and prosperity and should be considered priorities during the 2018 Arizona Legislative session:  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


The Alliance believes the following areas are paramount to Arizona’s economic recovery and prosperity and should be considered priorities during the 2018 Arizona Legislative session:  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

The Alliance believes the following areas are paramount to Arizona’s economic recovery and prosperity and should be considered priorities during the 2018 Arizona Legislative session:   CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

The Alliance believes the following areas are paramount to Arizona’s economic recovery and prosperity and should be considered priorities during the 2017 Arizona Legislative session:   CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

The Alliance believes the following areas are paramount to Arizona’s economic recovery and prosperity and should be considered priorities during the 2016 Arizona Legislative session:   CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

The Alliance believes the following areas are paramount to Arizona’s economic recovery and prosperity and should be considered priorities during the 2016 Arizona Legislative session:   CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

EVCCA Report card

EVCCA Legislative Report Card 2020

View the EVCCA Report Card to determine how your local legislators voted on issues presented in the 2020 session.

EVCCA Legislative Report Card 2019

View the EVCCA Report Card to determine how your local legislators voted on issues presented in the 2019 session.

EVCCA 2018 Legislative Report card

View the EVCCA Report Card to determine how your local legislators voted on issues presented in the 2018 session.

EVCCA 2017 Legislative Sesson Report Card

View the Report Card to determine how your local legislators voted on issues presented in the 2017 session.

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Republic employees vote to unionize-Reporters, photographers and non-management staffers at Arizona’s largest newspaper voted today to form a union. Read more
JLBC: State has an abundance of cash- State government is likely to have lots of extra money to spend in future years – if the national economy doesn’t collapse. Read more
Legislators order state audit into how efficiently Hoffman uses ESA oversight funding- Read More
Arizona GOP fundraising drops significantly under Ward- The Arizona Democratic Party is out raising the state GOP by a lot. New campaign finance reports show the Arizona Republican Party collected just $81,320 in the three months ending Sept. 30. By contrast Democrats raked in $347,841. And this isn’t just a one-time problem. Read more
State audit blasts regents over property leases- The Arizona Board of Regents is leasing out property for commercial use without proper oversight and with only limited transparency, creating a “risk of inappropriate use of public resources” according to a new audit. Read More
U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear case on Arizona rental-car tax Pima and Maricopa counties are going to get to keep tapping tourists to pay for their sports facilities. Click here
Yee backs $5B federal tax credit for school choice Arizona has long been at the forefront of the school voucher and school choice movement, but State Treasurer Kimberly Yee told a Washington audience October 1 that more needs to be done. Click here
GOP lawmaker seeks AG opinion on smoking, vaping age regulation A key House Republican leader is trying to get Attorney General Mark Brnovich to curb efforts by some cities and towns to raise the age of smoking and vaping to 21. click here
Ducey on Climate Change: We Can Have ‘Growing Economy,’ ‘Improving Environment’
Gov. Doug Ducey has finally come around to what a majority of Arizonans believe: human activity is affecting the climate. To read more, click here.
Departing Corrections Boss Calls for Pay Increase to Address Prison Crisis
In his parting words before retirement, the director of Arizona’s prisons gave a dire warning to the governor about the crisis felt at prisons across the state. To read more, click here.
Task Force to Focus on Preventing Sexual Abuse
Advocates and lawmakers who won a hard-fought legislative victory for survivors of sexual abuse this spring are shifting their focus to preventing future cases of abuse. To read more, click here.
Arizona Joins 11 States in Challenge to DACA
Attorney General Mark Brnovich is siding with President Trump in his efforts to dissolve the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. To read more, click here.
Election Officials, Advocates Push to Use College IDs for Voting
As Katie Hobbs prepared to take over as Arizona’s newly elected secretary of state, one question was repeatedly asked: Can a student ID be used to vote? The short, easy answer was “no.” But the longer, more complicated answer is “yes, but if.” To read more, click here.
Senate Democratic Staff Gets Large Raises
The Senate handed every Democratic policy staffer a raise of at least $10,000 at the end of August, a month after a federal jury awarded $1 million to a former Democratic policy adviser who argued she was underpaid. To read more, click here.
Ducey Appoints Montgomery to High Court
Gov. Doug Ducey appointed Bill Montgomery to the Arizona Supreme Court on Wednesday afternoon, making the controversial Maricopa County attorney Ducey’s fifth selection to the state’s highest court. To read more, click here.
Governor , Phoenix Mayor Urge Getting Federally Approved ID
Gov. Doug Ducey says he already has his. Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego admits she does not. What we’re talking about is an enhanced Arizona driver’s license, one that will allow people to board aircraft after October 1, 2020. To read more, click here.
Court Allows Minor League Players to Sue for Minimum Wage Violations
A federal appeals court has given a key victory to players on minor league baseball teams the right to sue to be paid the minimum wage while they’re in spring training in Arizona. To read more, click here.
APS Chief to Step Down in November
The head of the state’s largest electric company is stepping down, but not before utility regulators get a chance to grill him next month on company practices and policies. To read more, click here.
Partnership Allows People to Drink A Beer to Save A Deer
It’s officially called “Cheers to Arizona Wildlife.” But a new program to raise money for the state Game and Fish Department might better be labeled, “Drink a Beer, Save a Deer.” To read more, click here
Senator Eddie Farnsworth to Retire
Arizona Senate President Pro Tempore Eddie Farnsworth, the influential Republican leader who’s held an iron grip over criminal justice legislation for the better part of two decades, will not seek re-election. To read more, click here.
Republican Lawmaker Proposes Tax Holiday for School Supplies
Saying it will help parents, a Scottsdale lawmaker is proposing a sales tax holiday of sorts every summer to give parents a break on school supplies. To read more, click here.
Recreational Marijuana Initiative Written From Lessons Learned
Nearly three years after a narrow defeat at the polls, a new attempt to legalize recreational marijuana is underway. To read more, click here.
Fired Senate Staffer Who Won $1 Million Verdict Wants Job Back
The former Democratic staffer who won a $1 million discrimination verdict against the Arizona Senate in July wants her job back, but she questioned in court Wednesday whether it will be a welcoming work environment. To read more, click here.
Ducey Parts Ways with Trump on Proposed “Green Card” Policy
Governor Doug Ducey took a slap Tuesday at the new Trump administration policy that seeks to deny “green cards” to those at the bottom of the economic ladder. To read more, click here.